Sunday, January 24, 2010


Have you ever attended an event, meeting or seminar with a preconceived idea on the subject matter; however, the event unfolds considerably different?  Have you ever struggled to remain open and engaged during these moments when you adamantly disagreed with the concepts being presented.  During these moments, have you been able to remain open, or did you go to judgment and close your self from finding any value?

This past week I had such a situation occur.  I was invited to attend a Keller Williams ALC (“Agent Leadership Counsel”) training seminar.  The main theme for the seminar was ‘leadership.’  The seminar coordinators billed the day as something different – well they were right.  Personally a discussion about leadership starts with  ‘servant leadership.’  Instead the day was all about the individual ALC member’s businesses and recruiting.  I could not get over how they missed the mark by entitling the day ‘leadership’, and then focusing on the ‘I’ and not on topics about ‘service’, ‘team’, ‘collaboration’ and several other potential key themes within the concept of leadership.  Maybe the powers that be find these key themes within leadership as passé.   Admittedly in the moment, I went through a myriad of judgments and struggled with the whole presentation.  So I chose to keep my mouth shut; however, that didn’t last long (no surprise for those who know me).  I was pushed to share and could not help letting my disappointment seep through in my comments.  Afterwards I was disappointed in my choice and had to ask myself is that who I want to be?

After a couple days processing that event I began to ask myself … ‘what was the lesson of the day for me?’  Maybe my resistance was significant for reasons that at the time I was not able to accept.  The reminder to stay focused on my business, goals and vision is always positive and timely.  But is that all … ?

What are some of the components of ‘leadership’ that I need to be mindful of as the New Year rolls along?  As I reflected upon my experience with a friend, she mentioned three concepts that are at the heart of the ten characteristics of a servant leader … patience, tolerance, acceptance and humility.  Members of a group are not always at the same place at the same moment … more times than not, leaders are able stay present to a vision while allowing others to get there in their own time.  In order to realize a worthwhile vision leaders often must exemplify patience and tolerance of other people’s thoughts and opinions.  In other moments leaders must truly accept contrary opinions even when they may not be congruent to the stated vision.  Maybe that was the ‘aha moment’ in the seminar that just took me three days to realize.  I failed to embrace during the seminar any of the characteristics outlined by Robert Greenleaf in his 1970 book entitled ‘The Servant as Leader’ … maybe next time.

So as you struggle finding alignment with ideas presented by others maybe you will pause and find the value in the moment.  I hope you enjoyed the reflection, and consider in moments of resistance how you might find the value in the experience.  Most importantly, I hope you make it a GREAT day and week!!  If you wish to read all the other Mojos written for you, then visit:  As always, I welcome your feedback and if I can be of service to you or your friends, please let me know or visit us at  And, thank you for your continued support and inspiration … each of you are a cherished gift that enriches my life in ways you will never understand … Thank you!!  Jim Peys

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