Monday, December 7, 2009


As 2009 ebbs to a close, I wondered recently if I have closed myself off from new ideas, different ways of looking at issues, new technologies, opportunities, or new models, etc?  Am I truly open to a different way, or am I just settling for what I know or understand?  I realize this might be a rather obtuse thought as you prepare for the holidays; but hang in there with me for a moment and maybe I can clarify.

I am working on several different initiatives in my business; and consistent with the Keller Williams model I was discussing these concepts with a few realtors for clarity and to build consensus.  For the most part I was greeted with curious skepticism; however, in a half a dozen (keep in mind we have a couple hundred realtors) conversations the realtors reaction caught me by surprise.  Their reaction went something like … “don’t talk to me about any new ideas or business opportunities, I’m not interested in even listening” and furthermore, “I don’t even want to think about doing anything different than what I have been doing for years.” 

Intellectually I can understand this reaction; however, in this business climate and the dramatic changes occurring in the real estate industry these realtors don’t have this luxury.  Status quo and standing on ‘antiquated’ principles (‘antiquated’ not because of age, but because they are not where buyers and sellers are in today’s market) is risky in this ‘new economy’.  Then I began to wonder (as I often do), am I in some way closing myself to new ideas, concepts, opinions, opportunities, technology, models, etc?  When I was a teenager arguing with my dad about politics, war, business and modern trends my judgment was that he was just closed to anything new, different, innovative, etc.  I vowed not to be like him as I aged … and as I look out at the precipice of technological change and innovation I wonder …?

Regardless of age, education, experience or circumstances are you truly open to new methods, new ideas, opportunities, thoughts and evolving technologies?  Or, are you settling for the same old reliable methods because they are easier than change?  Or worse, are you deluding yourself into believing that you are open and trying something new or different because you are venturing into email, cell phones or even Facebook?  My guess is that we are all guilty of the latter to some degree because it can be unnerving to continue pushing your self to the edge and really giving serious consideration to true change.  Hell, consider how every year people rush to establish New Year’s resolutions only to break them by February 1st. 

Don’t misinterpret my thoughts as suggesting that we need to consider change for change sake.  I don’t believe that is ever the solution; however, if we show up to the party closed minded we never give ourselves the chance to move past our own ‘box’ to see great opportunities or ideas when they smack us in the face.  Historically, this Country has been built on innovation and openness to new ideas, new trends, opportunities … essentially our greatness has been defined, in part, to the acceptance of our differences and not just settling for same old same old.  

Befitting with this tangent, I read a CNN article (click the CNN hyperlink to view the article) this weekend about 10 web trends to watch out for in 2010.  Admittedly, I don’t really understand the significance of every trend mentioned … yet!  But more important for me is to remain open to the journey (keep an open mind), and to explore their application or merit in my life, my business … because at the end of the day I just never know where this journey may lead me.  And that really does make the prospect of a new day and a new year something to look forward to … at least for me!

I hope you enjoyed the reflection, and take the time to consider how these questions may present opportunities for you today and in 2010.  Most importantly, I hope you make it a GREAT day and week!!  If you wish to read all the other Mojos written for you, then visit:  As always, I welcome and encourage your feedback and your reflections (please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with me).  If I can be of service to you or your friends, please let me know or visit us at  And, thank you for your continued support and inspiration … each of you are a cherished gift that enriches my life in ways you will never understand … Thank you!!  Jim Peys

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