Sunday, December 13, 2009


This past week I attended a real estate seminar on “lead generation” presented by Rick Geha.  Rick did a great job presenting a topic, although extremely important, has few new concepts that the roomful of realtors have not heard previously.  The big ‘BUT’ is the central message at the core of his presentation … mindset.  He posed a question that has me thinking … and I will admit that I’m struggling to identify my personal answer.

The question posed was – “What is your ‘big why’?  What is my ‘big why’ that will drive me through the boredom and repetition of consistent lead generation.  Another way to pose the same question is ‘what is my life’s passion?’  ‘What is my burning desire?’  I will admit that several answers came to mind quickly when he posed the questions.  My mind went through a checklist of possibilities – money; financial freedom; legacy; family; the creative process; to help people; and contribution, etc.  Although these reasons are significant for me and to so degree or another personal drivers, they are “little whys” not really THE BIG WHY.

I envy people who can rattle off their ‘big why’ with certainty and clarity.  But I’m not yet in that category, and so I continue to search for answers.  What is your ‘big why’?  What absolutely drives you when all else tells you just to settle or excuses not to do something seem easiest; but you make a different choice in the moment.  What is your burning desire or your life passion?

Okay a few of you might be saying … who cares?  Just do it.  Why does it really matter?  Well because life places obstacles in our path to challenge us and make us question just how bad we want it.  When events go against us, or boredom sets in or our results are less than we expect; if we don’t have a really ‘big why’ we might find ourselves unwilling to power through the difficult periods.  Rick challenged me to identify and become crystal clear on my ‘big why’ – that single concept was worth the day!

Simple right?  Now if I could only identify my ‘big why’.  How about you … let me know what your ‘big why’ is?

I hope you enjoyed the reflection, and take the time to consider what your ‘big why’ is as we approach 2010.  Most importantly, I hope you make it a GREAT day and week!!  If you wish to read all the other Mojos written for you, then visit:  As always, I welcome your feedback and if I can be of service to you or your friends, please let me know or visit us at  And, thank you for your continued support and inspiration … each of you are a cherished gift that enriches my life in ways you will never understand … Thank you!!  Also, Happy Holidays to you and your family!!  Jim Peys

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